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GOD the SON {Matt.22:42}
  There are a great multitude of questions, statements, doctrines, and rhetoric concerning the Second Person of the TRI-UNE GOD. Christology is indeed a deep subject. As is the doctrine of Salvation called Soteriology. So here in its briefest form is my view. "Jesus Christ is God the Creator{Jn.1:1-3}, the expressed image of God{Heb.1:2-3}, co-equal, co-substantial and co-eternal with the Father, Very God of Very God{Jn.10:30}. He is the Eternal Word that became flesh. {Jn.1:1-14}. He was born of a virgin {Isa.7:14; Matt1:23}, performed many wonders according to scriptures.{Isa.35:5-6; Matt.9:35: Jn.11:48} died on a cross and was raised on the third day in the fulfillment of Prophecy {Psa.22:16; 16:10; Hos.6:2; Zec.12:10; Mk.16:6; Lk.23:33; Jn.20:5; Acts 2:31}, He has ascended and taken the rightful place at the right hand of the Father as Savior, Redeemer{Gal.3:13}, Justifier{Ro.3:24}, Reconciler{Col.1:20-21} and High priest {Heb3:1; 5:5-6} for all creation{Rom.8:22-23}. And one day he will return to receive the Church unto Himself. {Jn.14:1-4}" This I truly believe. Jesus Christ, the second person of the Triune God, is equal to the Father in nature and attributes, yet the Father sent Him to die for the sins of the world, so that Christ is submissive to the Father in duty. Jesus Christ is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit in substance, yet each is a distinct person.

This page is a rebuke to those who teach Jesus is not God!

A. Did Jesus Christ declare His Deity?
  What did Jesus say about Himself? Did He claim to be divine? Here are eight aspects to Jesus' claim to deity. 1. In John's Gospel He used the Jehovistic I AM identified Him with deity. {Exo.3:14; Jn.8:58} {a. I am the bread of life. Jn.6:35; b. I am the light of the world. Jn.8:12; c. I am the door. Jn.10:9; d. I am the good shepherd. Jn.10:11; e. I am the resurrection and the life. Jn.11:25; f. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Jn.14:6; g. I am the vine. Jn.15:5} 2. Jesus claimed to be the Adonai of the Old Testament. {Matt.22:42-45} 3. Jesus identifies Himself with God in the Baptismal Formula. {Matt.28:19} 4. Jesus claims to be one with the Father, and that seeing Him was seeing the Father. {Jn.10:30-33; 14:7-11} 5. When Jesus forgave sins, He was assuming a prerogative that belonged to God. {Isa.43:25; Mk.2:5-7} 6. Jesus was asserting that He was deity when He allowed people to worship Him. {Matt.14:33; 28:9; Jn.20:28-29} 7.Jesus claimed the comparative attributes of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. {Jn.1:48-49; 11:11-14; Matt.28:18; Jn.6:19} 8. Jesus claimed to have a special relationship with the heavenly Father by addressing Him, "My Father". { Jn.5:17-18}

B. The Teaching of the Bible attest to the deity of Christ.
  Jesus recognized His claim was not enough to make Him God. "If I bear record of myself, my witness is not true."(Jn.5:31) Jesus was pointing out that any claim, true or false, could be assumed false if unsubstantiated. Jesus pointed His critics to another authority. "Search the scripture, for in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me" (Jn.5:39) The Bible records many statements that attest to the deity of Christ. Look at this verse of scripture: "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." (Isa 9:6) Every person that considers himself or herself a Christian will readily admit that this is a Messianic passage and that it is talking about the coming of Christ. But notice that even here that He is called "The mighty God and the Everlasting Father". John says in John1:1, "the Word was God". And again we readily say that this is Jesus because John 1:14 says, "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth". Paul, himself said, "God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory." (I Tim.3:16} As Christians, we must believe the Bible's claims. The following chart illustrates how one title of God is applied to Jesus.

There are certain attributes, names and activities that are ascribed to God that are also attributed to Jesus. This is proof that Jesus and Jehovah are the same being.

C. The Pre-existence and Eternality of Jesus Christ attest to his deity.
  These are some of the scriptural proofs that Jesus existed before his incarnation. {Jn.1:1-3, 10; 8:58-59; 17:5; Col.1:16-17} Christophanies (which are the manifestations of God in visible and bodily form before the incarnation. These were once called Theophanies, but Christophanies is a better term since it was an appearance of Christ) also occur in the Old Testament that prove both the Pre-existence and Eternality of Christ. The term Eternality means Jesus is not limited by time, but has no beginning or end. {Micah 5:2; Heb.1:11-12; 13:8}

D. The Triune nature of God attest to the Deity of Jesus.
  God is one God eternally existing in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each member of the Godhead are of the exact same substance or essence and thus completely God. Jesus Christ, who is God the Son, is divine Scripture attest to the Triune nature of God. {Gen.1:1, 26, Prov.30:4; Isa.48:16; Matt.28:19} Here is a little logic: Since God has existed since eternity past, {"Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God."} then every member of the Triune Godhead has as well.

E. The Heavenly origin of Christ attest to His deity.
  In one sense one cannot talk about the origin of Christ, because He is eternal. {Heb.7:3} But in another sense when one thinks of the earthly life of Jesus Christ, one recognizes that He came from Heaven. {Jn. 3:31, 6:38; 17:5}

G. New Testament authors ascribe divine attributes to Christ.
  1. Omniscience -- Jn.2:24-25 2. Omnipotence -- Heb.1:3 3. Immutability --- Heb.1:12; 13:8 4. Eternality ---- Rev:1:18

H. The fact that worship was given to and accepted by Jesus Christ demonstrates His deity.
  No matter how you slice it, if Jesus is not divine then His acceptance of worship would amount to blasphemy and thus make Him not a good man or prophet of God, as the cultist say, but rather a vile and wicked devil. Only God is worthy of or can rightly be worshipped. {Matt.14:33; 28:9; Jn.20:28-29; Acts 7:59-60; I Cor.1:2; II Cor. 13:14; Phil.2:9-11; Heb.1:6; Rev.1:5-6; 5:11-14}

I. The New Testament writers give divine titles to Christ.
  The vast number of names the writers of the New Testament ascribe to Jesus Christ and the quality of those names demonstrates His deity. Here are a few just from the first chapter of John: Word, God, Light, Life, The Only Begotten of the Father, True Light, The Only Begotten Son, Lamb of God, Son of God, Master, Messiah, Lord, King Of Israel, Christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Son of Man. Josh McDowell in his book Evidence that Demands a Verdict wrote, that there is only two ways to view the subject of the deity of Christ, either He is divine or not. If He is, then He is Lord and worthy of all praise. If He wasn't Divine then he didn't know it or he knew it. If He didn't know it, he was totally insane. If He knew he wasn't, he was a fool because he died for a lie. Well, this is what the Bible Declares about the Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now what will you Believe?

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